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  • well as I posts here b4 that uptill now I have two experiences of live listening shows of Hani
    no doubt that she have a pity soul with kind heart
    tho i have paid several visits to my relatives @ Fsd,Okara,Sahiwal,Lahore Darya Khan
    but wont saw such neat urdu pronunciation
    she got skilled,she is caring abt users always trying to give proper time to users
    room needs her daily shows but on remuneration!
    even now a days we cant get water and air without paying penny!
    if the owners earns they must have to shared it among those whom r helping them frm safeguard starvation of their families!!!
    but cant digest by the owners bcz some steps r dire bitter to be taken!
    but Keep it up Hani Y r the Best RJ as well daughter/sister
    Allah blessed my friend and keeps Her in HIS aaman!(Aameen)
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    thnkew thnkew so muchh .... that is extremely kind !! I am so overwhelmed with appreciation. *HUGS*
    Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes..!!
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