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    Anger and aggressive behavior create a combative environment and temporarily reduces one’s ability to utilize their intellectual capacity.F3D90867-E9B7-4270-8DD5-0243CC399386.jpeg
    My Public Image is so low-Key and still i have an audience and it’s really amazing. I don’t take that for Granted. C42E7B47-3CC0-4F1B-9D30-24DA2BCB9575.jpeg
    Our Emotions need to be as Educated as our Intellect. It is important to know how to Feel, how to Respond and how to let Life in so that it can touch You.A3DAFA1A-D2C4-442A-A7FE-054095414F9D.jpeg
    When your eyes show intellect, you will Seem Beautiful regardless of how you Look. 8980625F-C4D3-47EB-84AD-BF8EB18CE174.jpeg
    Why did some people do those things? Because there have always been doers. Right back to the beginning of time, evil has existed in human form. But the followers interested me, too. Why did some people watch and do nothing? What made some watchers join the doers? ??‍♀️
    Ask a wise man why, he will explain. Ask a witless man why, he will complain.
    Friend, set your mind to always seek for solutions other than excuses. ??‍♀️
    When we understand people;
    when we understand situations;
    when we understand what matters;
    when we understand the why’s, the what’s and the how’s...
    when we understand the trigger of actions, we least inflict pain on ourselves and unto others...
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