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  • Best Birthday Prayer and Gift from skY 💐🙂 such thoughtfulness and caring gesture. Can’t describe how glad i am Alhumdo lillah.

    Allaah se dua hai ke sanjeedha ka ho umar bhut barda.

    saddah ho basr unka zindagi ibaddah main adda.

    na aaye kabhi bhe ghum ke lehaar aur dukhon ka dard

    har pal har aaan khushiyaan he khushiyaan saddah.

    hai mere dua yehi ke sanjeedha khush rahay saddah

    abad ho apke zindagi eshe tarah phoolon ke khushboon ke sang.

    bachaye rakh mere Allaah ess achchi se bachi ko har buri nazr o balla se.

    aur chun lay enko apnay pasandeeda logon main.

    youn e har saal enka aaye din.

    muskarahat aur taro tazzaghi say yehi mere dua hai.
    haan ji sanjeedha gul haatun.. aap waqiye main ek achchi se bachi hain.
    Allaah bless you.
    • Sparkling Heart
    Reactions: Zahra
    May ALLAH bless you more with good health and Happiness. Aameen. Skyyyyyyyyyyy 💐🙂
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    Anger and aggressive behavior create a combative environment and temporarily reduces one’s ability to utilize their intellectual capacity.F3D90867-E9B7-4270-8DD5-0243CC399386.jpeg
    My Public Image is so low-Key and still i have an audience and it’s really amazing. I don’t take that for Granted. C42E7B47-3CC0-4F1B-9D30-24DA2BCB9575.jpeg
    Our Emotions need to be as Educated as our Intellect. It is important to know how to Feel, how to Respond and how to let Life in so that it can touch You.A3DAFA1A-D2C4-442A-A7FE-054095414F9D.jpeg
    When your eyes show intellect, you will Seem Beautiful regardless of how you Look. 8980625F-C4D3-47EB-84AD-BF8EB18CE174.jpeg
    Why did some people do those things? Because there have always been doers. Right back to the beginning of time, evil has existed in human form. But the followers interested me, too. Why did some people watch and do nothing? What made some watchers join the doers? ??‍♀️
    When we understand people;
    when we understand situations;
    when we understand what matters;
    when we understand the why’s, the what’s and the how’s...
    when we understand the trigger of actions, we least inflict pain on ourselves and unto others...
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