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Sep 17, 2019
Hey Everyone,
I just joined the Mix forum and I'm clueless where to post my questions.Well, I would love to give it a try and looking forward to get enlightened on what I ask here from now onwards.

Question: Why don't you only MUTE all VPNS and Proxies?Is it necessary to SHUN them?When you only mute them, there is a chance for regular users to pm admins asking them to unmute their nicks/ips.This way, they can chat on main getting their ips unbanned. Whether you mute or shun VPNs, they can't spam on main page either way but SHUNNED person can't pm admins to get his/her ip unbanned.

Thank you.
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The. Legend.. skY
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Oct 1, 2018
Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barkatuhu​

Dear User @SeriouslySerious,
Khushamdeed kaha jata hai aapko humhare forum par
aur Khushamdeed kaha jata hai apko humhare room jo Pakistan ka #1 Chat Room hai

Ji, Mute system nahin ho sakta, uskii wajja hai banlist ka overloaded hona aur lagging ka.
aur Shun VPN wala user ager shun payega apni ip tou wahan par already unko paighaam mil jata hai ke woh humhare forum ke uper humhare sath contact kar saktay hain jaise aapne kiya.

so there is way our forum to contact with us regarding shun or banned.
aur aapne sawal post kiya religion section ke sawal jawab category main woh religious sawalat jawabat ka section hai.
room ke suggestions ke liyay Suggestion section hai jahan abhi main ne apka thread move kardiya aainda suggestions yahan post kiya karein.
barak Allaahu feek.

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