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Radio Shows Schedules

8 To 9 PM​
11 To 12 AM​
10 To 11 PM​
3 To 4 AM​
3 To 4 AM​
3 To 4 AM​
12 To 1 AM​
1 To 2 AM​
Mr Rude​
12am to 1am​
= = 11pm to 12 am
1 To 2 AM​
1 To 2 AM​
11 To 12 PM​
12 To 1 AM​
12 To 1 AM​
11 TO 12 AM​
10 To 11 PM​
12 To 1 AM​
10 to 11 PM​
11 To 12 PM​
11 TO 12 PM​
11 To 12 PM​
10 to 11 PM​
Default Show Duration: 1 hour​
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Oct 1, 2018
Rules for RJs/DJs:

1. RJs are not allowed to talk inappropriately on air.

2. RJs must respect each other and in case of any issue or Problem with another RJ, Admin or user, contact with the RJ Heads.

3. The default show timing for every RJ is one hour.

4. RJs can only do shows longer than one hour at a time if the next hour is not reserved for another RJ/DJ.

5. RJs can only do shows during free time if permitted by any of the RJ Heads.

6. RJs can only take calls during a show if allowed by an RJ Head. (Permission would be needed for every caller they take).

7. Male RJs can only take male callers whereas female RJs can only take female callers on air.

8. RJs should host their shows regularly on agreed-upon timings.

9. If an RJ/DJ wants to take a leave, he/she should inform any of the RJ Heads.

10. RJs will be removed automatically if they are absent without informing for more than three weeks.

11. If an RJ/DJ doesn’t join the chatroom within the first ten minutes of his show timings, then the RJ Heads can allow another RJ to host the show.

12. Request shows will only be done if allowed by an RJ Head.

13. Who so ever is doing a requested show will have to tell the nick(s) of the user(s) who requested the show.

14. RJs must finish their shows on time. If it's a special show and is getting longer, then RJ Heads may give permission.

15. If an RJ/DJ takes more than ten minutes off of another RJs time, then he/she will be disconnected by an RJ Head.

16. RJs/DJs cannot allow each other to do shows on their own timings. Such an allowance must be communicated through an RJ Head.

17. RJs are not allowed to be a part of another chat room's management i.e. they cannot be an RJ at Mixchatroom and an admin or an RJ at some other website.

18. RJs should participate and be active on the forum.

19. RJs/DJs are required to strictly follow the rules.

NOTE: These rules are maintained by the management of Mix Chat Room and they can be changed at any time. So, keep checking for updates on rules regularly.
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