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Dec 19, 2018
Put Stress To Rest

Is your day going to be hectic?

Golden rule: begin it with a very good breakfast. Make the time to sit down and fill up with proper fuel. This first meal of the day keeps away acidity, ulcers, indigestion and everything else that happens when you do not begin the day well. It does not matter if you are leading a sedentary lifestyle, a moderately active one, whether you are exercising or whether you are midair in a plane flying off to a far off country, breakfast is sacrosanct and the faster we adopt this meal as non-negotiable the better it is for our health.

We are sure every nutritionist will recommend this meal though you have to decide whether you want to follow the dictum or not! If there is no time how about some fruits as breakfast? It hardly requires any preparation: washing, peeling and chopping is easy and simplifies things as fruits are rich in carbohydrates and vitamins.

Now you must be wondering what is the connection between the goodness of breakfast and stress management? Stress management will come easier if you have built up your physical reserves. When one eats right, good health is bound to be the result. And if you are a brimming with good health, your attitude is much different from what it is when you are feeling unwell. Building up your reserves so that you have stamina to do whatever you have planned for the day is an excellent way of being in control of your life.

Also ensure that you eat right from morning to evening. You are at work and mid morning hunger pangs strike at twelve noon. It is not lunch break yet. If you are a workaholic you will ignore the twinges and then wonder where the acidity came from! But let us be sensible and have a bite when there are signals: a fruit would be ideal or some cucumber or carrot batons. These are low calorie munchies and have a satiety value too. Having a glass of orange juice provides you with vitamin C and the power to improve immunity and fight stress. Sandwich, ice creams, cakes, cookies or fried snack will spoil the appetite for lunch. In a week we normally have some twenty-one big meals at the rate of three-a-day. Out of these twenty-one, you can pamper yourself with the forbidden goodies in just two meals. Be committed to eating right and follow a daily plan.

Number one priority to being well so that stress can be managed without much damage is exercise. Go for a walk every day or join a gym, if that is important to you. Join a swimming club or borrow your neighbor's cycle! Physical activity keeps the heart ticking well and strong. It is hard work maintaining an ideal weight. But it is never a matter of regret if one maintains the weight in spite of difficulties like sacrificing favorite mithais etc. People who have high tension working environment usually think that smoking and coffee help to ease out the tensions. Nicotine, excessive caffeine and other stimulants as we all know are harmful to health. And yes, get enough sleep. Be as consistent with your sleep schedule as possible.​