Tell me its okay*


Feb 11, 2019
I like being alone, but I don't like being lonely
I like being home, but I don't like being homies
You know, I'm so sorry for making you feel you lost me
We're two unstable enablers, please, try not to be salty, because
All this time and all these tries leave questions open ended and
I would rather die, than try to live with this resentment so
We could try just one more time to make sure that we meant it or
We could cut our losses before we blow up and dead it so
Tell me it's okay
Tell me it's okay
Tell me it's okay
Tell me it's okay (to be happy now)
Tell me it's okay (because I'm happy now)
Tell me it's okay
It's okay to say you're not okay
It's not okay to turn and walk away
We've got problems that we need to face
If you love me, then say it
If you trust me, then show it
If you don't mean it, save it
If you do mean it, own it
You gotta be happy alone, to be happy together
You gotta lose something you know, to learn how to get better
I've been working, you've been hurting
I've been curving, you've been swerving
I've been sleeping, you've been creeping
Now you got me creeped, I'm leaving
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